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     Welcome to All-Heart Athletics! Where producing stellar athletes & model citizens is the norm. We'd like to welcome you and thank you for visiting our page. Here you will find an overview of what we are about, and the history and methodologybehind why we train the way we do. Each of our athletes are equipped with personal development skills and are stewards in their respective communities. Sport is simply a tool we use, albeit a powerful one, to help shape the lives of our young athletes. All-Heart is a way of life and we encourage you to check us out and see why!


The Mission

      At All-Heart, the mission is primed for the kids & young adults that we train, the communities we share in and, put simply, the heart! All-Heart means that you give your all in everything that you do. Whether you're in the classroom, out and about, or training, there is a way in which you operate in any given time and place. We seek to help shape that operation into a fulfilling lifestyle that brings a balance of work/school, leisure & play, family & faith, and community activism! We do this by developing our athletes in all of these areas while helping them realize that each area affects another. The last thing we are is a personal training company that just works clients out.

     Things like time management and goal setting are addressed regularly as well. We also talk to our kids about their lives and what's going on in their worlds. Everyone is like a family that comes to train and grow together year around. Our high retention rate is an accomplishment that we are very proud of, but we just feel blessed to be able to help shape lives! All of our programs are designed and geared towards long-term development and success. This ensures the pursuit of long-term fulfillment over short-term gratification, which we believe is pivotal to success in sport and beyond.  

     Our mission statement is summarized as, "Stellar Athletes & Model Citizens!" Setting high goals and standards for ourselves and pushing far beyond our boundaries into our fullest potential is how we get there! Besides the actual action of teaching our athletes about goal-setting and achievement, we think of ourselves as proctors in the development of a young athlete in hopes that it takes them towards an earned education and more. Using progress reports and constant evaluations complete with video documentation and analytics, we ensure each athlete is tapping into their fullest potential for speed, flexibility and output in all areas of life. Sport is simply an effective and passionate tool we use.. Our kids are stellar athletes because they are model citizens first! Be ready to work.


Balanced Training


 –  sport training

Our sport training is not your typical training. Here we establish a regimen to amplify overall potential through peak physical conditioning and skill development on and off the court/field. We focus on increasing your body's capacity to train efficiently and safely while instilling good habits along the way for your sport. The psyche is one of the most overlooked aspects of training, so it is a tool we rely on heavily to condition the minds of our young athletes as well as their lungs. This is your Hustle-Compete-Effort Indoctrination.

 –  team training

Here, we include everything that is in our sport training program and customize it to fit the needs of a team! From the team's initial assessment, we highlight weak spots, target areas of focus for each member and then create a custom program from there. Complete with video progress reports and extra 1-on-1 time, we can attest, firsthand, that doing supplemental training together as a team is what breeds champions. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so we strive to strengthen it.

 –  nutrition

The energy output your body gives you on a daily basis is a direct reflection of what you put into your body. Crap on the input = crap on the output. You must give the body the best fuel for the best results. At All-Heart, we implement strong dietary guidelines and custom plans for our athletes to follow in order to maximize their training potentials. Eliminating bad eating habits and replacing low-vibe food with high-vibe nourishment will instantly begin to yield results. You'll be clean & lean in no time.

 –  yoga

One of the most decorated athletes and champions of all-time, NBA Hall of Famer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, attributes the success and longevity (20 dominant yrs) throughout his career to yoga! As an athlete in training, you must incorporate deep stretching, posing and balancing into your regimen. Besides the thousands of other great benefits, yoga also is therapy for the overworked athlete. The length and strength you get from yoga is unparalleled. These reasons and more are why we lace it into our programming.

Wins & losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you.
— Ray Lewis

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At All-Heart our origins are very simple, yet near and dear to our hearts. Founders, Marcus Person & Alfred Brown first met playing pee-wee sports together as kids and by the time middle school came, they were more like brothers than friends. Years later, they've found themselves right back in the same town working with the same young lives they once were. Yet now, they are offering something different to the youth. In ways they could only have wished for when they were coming up, they've managed to fulfill the need of proctorship, mentoring and having an overall well-balanced lifestyle as a young athlete.

It is beyond vital to implore a village to raise a child nowadays, and this philosophy is something we adapt wholeheartedly. We care about how our kids are performing in every area of their lives. To be a stellar athlete and model citizen, you must direct your daily tasks into things that will bring you the rewards you seek! We feel that this type of ideology in training is over-looked and can't be stressed enough. We have seen and lived the results for ourselves and it is our hope that we can inspire and empower our young athletes to be more than they ever imagined. Passion is our history!



Marcus Person


Growing up on the westside of Fort Worth brought many opportunities for Marcus as a youth. One being the need for more attention and mentorship when it came to achieving goals for sport and life. As he grew, his education and abilities took him farther west Texas to Angelo State University where his talents on and off the court continued to grow. While there, he began participating more and more in community activities and youth sports. While refereeing at the local YMCA, his passion for the kids grew as did the kids for him. His mother always said that kids just always gravitated to Marcus and it was that same gravity that pulled him towareds ALL-HEART Training. His goal is for the kids in his community to have what he wished he'd had growing up.. A mentor and someone to give that extra push when you want to settle for mediocrity! 


Alfred Brown


What started as a passion to teach and train in high school eventually led to a career of choice for Alfred Brown. Kinesiology and strength & conditioning are just a few of the well versed backgrounds for this Navy Veteran. Being a proud Uncle to 14 nieces and nephews since the age of 8, he found himself immersed in child development throughout his life before he knew it. Bringing the passion of sport and a well--balanced lifestyle to the growth of our youth in a time where it is needed is of utmost importance in his life. He and Business Partner/Co-Founder, and more importantly, brother, Marcus Person, share an equally tenacious desire for change and giving the kids what they wished they had growing up. "It's really just about creating a better future for ourselves as human beings," they say.. And what better way than through our youth.


“Our goal is to create a beloved community.. this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”

-martin luther king jr copy.jpg

Personal & Communital Development


All of the above categories completely encapsulate the areas of your life that need attention, dedication and focus on a daily basis! Developing these qualities in our young athletes ensures a balanced growth that is not only self-sufficient, but rewards them in untold ways. If there is one thing we know about our kids, it's that they are young, beings going through a hectic world trying to figure stuff out. We believe the old adage of taking a village to raise a child has never been more true or paramount in our society today. We implore you to explore what may be here for you.
We incorporate the basis for these things in all of our training regimens, yet, just like any skill you wish to develop, extra assistance is often needed. We have a specified program named, "Aptus Anima" (Fit Soul in Latin) that we have begun offering to further assist with more contact and tutelage where necessary. We compare this closely to a mix of an after-school Big Brother Program meets Personal Tutor. 

Volunteering is the very core of our community work. Being a steward of the cities and towns you reside in is more than just helping out sometimes. It's committing a minute portion of your time to doing what needs to be done, when and where it needs to be done. This dedicated service is tenfold in the enrichment it brings back to us. All-Heart is a strong force for goodness and giving and this will always be the cornerstone of our work! 


Business Inquiry

Do you have a business opportunity that you would like to discuss? We'd love to hear about it. All-Heart relies heavily on it's partnerships as well, so if this is something of interest for you, shoot us a message with BUSINESS INQUIRY as the subject and we will get right back to you.

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Still unsure as to whether our training is for you? Or are you on the fence about it being worth the value of admission? Maybe you just need to see us in action. Send us a message with JUST CURIOUS as the subject and we will extend a no-obligation invite for you to come check us out!


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